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Srha talk about most difficult scene in Pyar Ke Sadqay.


Srha Asghar is a beautiful and young Pakistani talent. Who has achieve a lot of admiration and recognition in a short time. She had a dream of becoming a director since childhood. But she ends up becoming an actress who is best know for her supporting roles in various hit serials. She gave a start to her career during her studies which she later completed in 2018. She is not married and fully devote to her career.

Srha is a part of Showbiz Industry since 2015 when she made her debut in the drama serial ‘Khoat’. She always took part in various plays on her university level which encourage her to become an actress. After her debut serial, she was in a hit serial ‘Waada’. Therefore she also has a dream of becoming a director one day.

She also owns a YouTube channel where she posts her amazing dance videos.

Srha Asghar appear as Washma in popular drama serial Pyar Ke Sadaqay. Featuring Yumna Zaidi and Bilal Abbas Khan in lead roles.

In an interview when she was questioning about her drama serial Pyar kay Sadqy. She also share the most difficult scene in that drama.

She said, “The most difficult scene was when I break the news to Yumna about Munshi Jee’s death.”

“On that day, I was not feeling well and also I was stress out about that scene. We were standing for continuous three hours for that scene. Suddenly my blood pressure went down. And at that time it was a close shoot of Yumna. Also there was my shoulder in that scene if I move a bit Yumna would have been disturb. Because that scene was intense.

She further added: “I was feeling the heat from inside. But I kept saying to myself ‘no, you are fine’. As soon as the shot was done I black out so in this way that scene was tough,”.

Watch out the clip:

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