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SRK talks Fan: “It was a very physically challenging film.

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Despite all the maar dhaar he’s done in his previous films, Shah Rukh Khan still refers to his upcoming Fan as one of his most physically demanding films.

In the film, to be released in April this year, Shah Rukh plays superstar Aryan Khanna and his lookalike fan Gaurav. Directed by Maneesh Sharma, it explores the bond between a superstar and a die-hard fan, who looks like him.

“It was physically challenging to do a double role,” SRK said at the trailer launch.

“It was more challenging as at this age I had to play a 24-year-old boy, have his energy, and then I had another part to play of a superstar,” explained the 50-year-old actor.

Just looking like a younger version of himself was a momentous task in itself.

“We had to put make-up and initially it used to take six hours. Later, after some practice, it took two-and-half to three hours,” he said.

SRK says he’s not used to spending so much time on his image: “I am never bothered about how I am. I wear stardom like T-shirt, not like Tuxedo (suit),” he said.

The film also marks SRK’s attempt to do something different in his career:

“People keep saying that I do the same acting for the past 25 years, even the critics say that. But I have tried to be different with this film,” he said. The film, which charts how a fan’s admiration slowly turns into a dangerous obsession, is unlike any film SRK has done before.

“It’s an unusual story. Some people may like it, some may not. I can’t please everyone. We have tired our best to give something different and interesting. We hope people enjoy both the characters,” Shah Rukh said.

Fan will also be a song-less film, except for the promotional track – ‘Jabra Fan’.

“There are no songs in the film, except one. I told Maneesh to put an item song, but he refused. It’s a pure experience of story-telling. It’s a new way,” SRK said.

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