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Star-Studded Premiere of ‘Azad’

The Red Carpet was hosted by Sana Humayun

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The film was typically welcome by the celebs, media delegates and socialites attending to the debut with most raving regarding the stellar exhibitions given by the performers, and also the tight-weave plot and plot. Adding to the charm of the picture is its splendid music.

The Red Carpet was expedited by Sana’a Humayun. except for those from the offer such a job as Rehan Sheik, Sabreen Hisbani and Salman Shahid, varied completely different illustrious folks, maybe, Maria Wasti, Shehzad Sheik, Atiqa Oudho, Ejaz Aslam, Humayun Saeed, Asfar Rehman, Sania Saeed, Yasira Rizvi, Jinnan Hussain and Adnan Siddique were offered too at the debut of this exceptional picture.

“Azad” delivered as associate degree autonomous film, is associate degree odd wittiness dramatization with a completely unique interpretation of narrating and incorporates a trace of sentiment. With its dynamic and smart characters, the film splits from typical stories, and take the gang on a silly and connecting with voyage of self-revelation.

Slated for discharge on Gregorian calendar month ninth, “Azad” a joint-wander of glitz Studios and Roomi Films is their introduction attainment picture show glee splendid heading by Rehan Sheik, music by Ali Moin and Abass Ali Khan, and also the splendid singing by Nastasha Humera Ejaz, Schumaila Rehmat Hussain and Abass Ali Khan and is being spread across the state by Eveready gathering of organizations.

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