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Hollywood Movie Star Wars kicks off at the box office for the second consecutive week


WASHINGTON: Star Wars The Rise of the Sky Walker. The Hollywood film full of action and adventure, also debuted in the second week.

According to speculations. The science-fiction adventure film Star Wars the Rise of the Sky Walker. Managed to retain the first position at the US box office. For the second consecutive week, with the adventure-filled film making $ 700 million more business this week.

Foreign media say that the graph of the aforementioned Hollywood movie is going up. The film’s adventure-filled scenes are forcing fans to visit cinemas again and again to watch the creation.

Overall, the film has grossed over $ 13.5 million over two weeks. It is expected to add more success to the film.

Last week, the movie did more than 27 billion 18 million rupees in three days at the American box office. The third highest grossing business of a movie in the month of December.

The foreign news agency says that last week, The Rock’s movie Jumanji Da Next Level was dominated by another, and this week, The Next Level managed to secure another position.

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