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Stars of Pakistan who are not happy with Tik Tok Ban.


Tik tok the most used app in the world. The platform where people use to show their creativity and become stars. And all kind of small creations. It’s features were awesome which was use by the tik tokers. Many people who belongs to such a small family. Due to their creativity and great skill. This platform gives them chance to get fame and popularity in just no time.

But some people use it in such wrong way. And they start to use it for negative purpose. Which is the main reason why the government take action. And our prime minister Imran Khan imposed ban on the most famous video sharing application TiK Tok. And this ban has steam up a new debate.

Some celebrities including Imran Abbas and Ahmed Ali Butt through their Instagram accounts share their happiness on the banning of Tik Tok. Where as some other celebrities share their concerns on banning the apps. Here we have gather the list of celebrity stars who are not happy with the Tik Tok ban.

Have look to the list below:

Osman Khalid Butt:

Osman Khalid butt in his tweet share his views that immoral content is everywhere. Why do we need to ban Tik Tok only?

Muneeb Butt:

Muneeb Butt were of the view that Tik Tok was the source of happiness for many and he felt bad for the tik tokers.

Iqrar ul Hassan:

Iqrar Ul Hassan thinks that instead of banning a platform. So steps must be taken to improve the quality of content.

Nadia Hussain:

Nadia raised the voice that no one is taking steps to stop sexual harassments but everyone is interested banning dramas an apps like Tik Tok.

So what do you think? Whether it is a good decision or bad one. I think it was a good decision to banned the tik tok. As we were going far away from our Islam.

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