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Bollywood celebrity Swara Bhaskar on Saturday came out in assistance of Anurag Kashyap’s ‘Udta Punjab’, and in an open correspondence to Censor Panel primary Pahlaj Nihalani she said that “sanitizing art and well-known lifestyle was not a very important factor for society”.

She also said that an environment of ‘sanitization’ and ‘policing’ generates worry among performers and inventive people.

“I want to bring to your attention that a purposely cleaned art and well-known lifestyle may not be a very important factor for a community. No community in the globe is cleaned. There is a lot that is incorrect, unclean, embarrassing, unclean and violent everywhere in the globe,” she had written in the correspondence.

“Art shows its perspective and the community it was designed. To generate a cleaned art, that is incapable to assistance or indicate the less savoury factors of community is to wear blinders, needlessly,” she included.

She further wrote: “It is also the start of becoming delusional. The other part of a cleaned environment is sterility. And sterility is the complete reverse of starting, the antithesis of the development of new stuff, in chemistry and in lifestyle.”

In the correspondence she also wrote: “Another dangerous side-effect of this type of environment of sanitization and monitoring is that it makes a Pavlovian worry among performers and inventive individuals.

“You may say that there is nothing incorrect with a little self-discipline and monitoring in community areas lifestyle but do observe Sir that the only work of art a policed community is capable of producing (with Condition permission) is propaganda,” she included.

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