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Struggling Actress Commits Suicide

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Saiyyam Khanna a struggling actress committed suicide in Mumbai.
According to a report Saiyyam Khanna was found hanging from the ceiling fan by her sister Riya. Saiyyam acted in films like ‘The Haunted House’ and was awaiting the release of another film ‘The Last Horror’. The report further states that on August 30 a day before the incident Saiyyam asked her sister to go to market and buy things. She also told her that she loves her a lot. She asked her to not disturb her as she would be resting.

Riya returned from the market and was watching TV. She could hear the song ‘Tum Ho’ from Rockstar play in her sister’s room on loop. Riya thought her sister is sleeping and might have left her ipod on. But when she entered her room she found Saiyyam hanging from the ceiling fan. Riya then called the police.
Riya was quoted saying to mid day that her sister loved her boyfriend who is also reportedly the son of a well known actor but he used to ignore her. In the suicide note Saiyyam blames no one for her actions. However her sister feels that her boyfriend might have triggered the incident. She won’t file a police case though as she feels she can’t fight the system.
The last call which Saiyyam made from her phone was to her boyfriend.

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