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Sudhir’s Death Anniversary today.


Lala Sudhir’s death anniversary is being celebrated today

Renowned Pakistani actor of the past who was always given a leading role in films and was the symbol of prestige and respect in Pakistani Punjabi films, Lala Sudhir left this world on 19 January 1997 when he was 75 years old.Sudhir was born on 25 January 1922 in Lahore. His real name was Shah Zaman Khan Afridi but he was known as Sudhir or Lala Sudhir in the showbiz world.He started his career with a role in the film ;Farz’ before partition era, in 1947. After that  he moved to Pakistan and started his career in the Pakistani showbiz world. The first film in which he worked was ‘Hachkolay’ released in 1949.The film remained very successful. After that he performed in one more film, Dupatta. Another   ,  film ‘Yakke Wali’ which was made in 1957 was the first most successful  Punjabi film. After success of these few films so many investors came into the showbiz field and new studios began to work. Another renowned and successful film cannot be forgot namely ‘Baghi’. Lala Sudhir was given the role of hero in this film.The film was released in 1956. Its release can be called  a very big event as it was the first Pakistani film which was also exhibited in China.

Lala Sudhir was a hero who performed such role which were full of action but he was also a successful actor in relatively calm and cool roles. Film ‘Anarkali’ which was released in 1958 was a very successful and famous film highly liked by masses. Th hero of this film was Lala Sudhir. He performed the role of  Prince Saleem. One more famous film of this actor was ‘Sohni and Mahinwal’, in which Sudhir performed the role of Mahiwal. Another film which was made on the life of Mirza Ghalib,a great Urdu poet, was a very memorable movie of Laha Sudhir, whose character in the film was entirely different than an action character. He also performed in various other famous films.Film watchers can never forget Lala Sudhir’s Punjabi film ‘Kartar Singh’, released in 1959. In this film real events of communal riots after partition of British India were show. After that  Sudhir  was continuously given the roles of a full action hero and such roles became his identity.

Lala Sudhir also won several film awards. 

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