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Showbiz Diary: ‘Suicide Reasons for Bollywood actors revealed by Shama Sikander”.


TV actor Sameer Sharma’s alleged suicide case has come to light in India’s showbiz industry this week.

44 years old Sameer Sharma seen playing role n the drama serial “Yeh Rishtay hain piyaar kay.” So Showbiz is not about suicide.

While the suicide or death of Shushant Singh has shaken the Bollywood. The reason behind suicide were frustrations, anxieties, and worries. Behind these many questions also raised.

Is this shining world with stars and lights, is so desolate and dark from inside that some people has to embrace the darkness of death?

Reasons Behind

From the death of actor Garudat in 1964 to the death of Sushant Singh. The list of TV and film actors or actresses. Who has committed suicide is quite long. There are a number of reasons for this in the media and social media. Such as lack of money. Lack of work and no job. Fear of left behind, in the race of success, depression.

Speaking to BBC Urdu, actor Shama Sikandar said, “The most important thing is to talk openly about mental health. To finish the illusions associated with it. For example, we always think. “What will happen if people will found out?” Will people think crazy? Or will not find any work?

Shama says that suicides did not only happen in Bollywood. Also in other fields, but another thing is that there is a lot of talk about Bollywood in the media. Shama says suicides happen not only in Bollywood.

Shama Says that: There is a lot of pressure on Pakistan Showbiz. They are constantly in the spotlight and they are trying to live up to the standards of the people. The second most important problem is a mental illness, depression, and anxiety.

According to him, people should talk to their parents or friends about this and contact good mental health professionals. Due to the coronavirus, people in the TV industry today do not have jobs. So financial problems are also a major cause of stress.

If no work, there is no money. In a recent interview, with Al Jazeera’s website, psychologist Sonali Gupta said that in industry. Already so much uncertainty, no outline of the future can draw. Increases people’s anxiety.

Growing pressure through social media is being cited as one of the reasons. Why celebrities are being closely monitored at all time?

It’s an industry where you are at the top and everyone knows and wants you, but when you go down the ladder of success, you feel lonely. Now in this age of social media, people do not leave you alone. An example of this is that Abhishek Bachchan is called the ‘failed son of a successful father’, he is trolled for the increased weight of Fardeen Khan, and sometimes Priyanka Chopra is criticized for his clothes.

However, the case of Sushant Singh’s death which started with depression. mental distress is now revealing something new with each passing day. But his death has certainly highlighted the dark side of Bollywood that has hardly ever been so openly talked about before.

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