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Sultana Siddiqui share her vision for benefits Of Media.


Sultana Siddiqui is a Pakistani media mogul television director. And also producer who is the founder of Hum Network Limit.

Sultana Siddiqui is an active director of Hum Network Limited. Therefore the president of Hum Network Limited. By virtue of that she became the first woman in Pakistan to establish a TV station.

Sultana start her career from PTV as a producer in Karachi in 1974. In 2004 she founded Eye Television Network. Therefore now known as “Hum network limited. Under which her own four cable channels are working, including “Hum TV.” Under her direction HUM TV has receive Pakistan’s Lux Style Awards four years in a row. She is the only woman in Asia who started or owned a TV channel.

Sultana has won numerous awards, including the Best Producer of a Drama Serial, Best Producer of a Music Production. The Hazrat Khadijat ul Kubra Award, Women of Vision Award, Nigar Award, the Gold Medal Award, Sindh Graduates Association Award. And the Pride of Performance Award from the Government of Pakistan. Her work is well know for its attention to social issues. And its focus on female empowerment. Therefore she has represent Pakistan in numerous international workshops and seminars.

Interview of Sultana Siddiqui:

Recently Sultana Siddiqui was spot in an interview with “Something Haute”. Sultana Apa further said that cinemas should re-open. And we should encourage our film industry, the heavy tickets should give some relief to the audience, not everyone can afford expensive tickets. Sultana Apa says that we as a nation have to stand together to support each other. She said that she mostly prefer to shoot her dramas and films in Pakistan to encourage people to see the beauty of her country.

Therefore she also mention hat we should make dramas and films base on harassment. Bullying and child abuse to give people knowledge about it as drama serial “Udaari” by Hum Tv.

At the end she says that we should learn to appreciate each other and helps the. To achieve their goals.

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