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Sultana’s talk about drinking and smoking in dramas.


Sultana’s recently spotted in the interview with “Voice of America”.

Sultana’s while talking about the comments being add on drinking and smoking scenes in drams. He mention that “I was always against of showing such clips of drinking and smoking in dramas. The dramas which were produce under my production house never show such kind of clips. But then the producers and directors started to insist me that they need to show these clips of smoking and drinking, so I allowed them”.

“I allow them to show such clips but I used a tag line “Smoking And Drinking Is Prohibit”. I was the first person who did this. PEMRA sent me a notice praising me for this act, added Sultana Siddiqui.

Here is the interview:

For enlightened readers:

Sultana Siddiqui, also known as Sultana Apa, is a Pakistani media mogul, television director, and producer. Who is the founder of Hum Network Limited. Therefore she is an active director of Hum Network Limit and the president of Hum Network Limit. 

Sultana Siddiqui is an active director of Hum Network Limited. And also the president of Hum Network Limited. By virtue of that she became the first woman in Pakistan to establish a TV station. As a public speaker, Sultana has spoken on many local and international platforms, including the 2013 US Islamic World Forum  held in Doha, Qatar and the 2014 Women Leadership Forum held in Silicon Valley, California.

As a director she remained inactive ten years before her latest drama serial “Zindagi Gulzar Hai”. A critically acclaim serial that has praise for “breaking the ice across the borders of Pakistan and India in current times featuring Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed. Therefore she has also produce children’s television, musical performances, television films, serials and documentaries.

Sultana has won numerous awards, including the Best Producer of a Drama Serial, Best Producer of a Music Production, the Hazrat Khadijat ul Kubra Award, Women of Vision Award, Nigar Award, the Gold Medal Award, Sindh Graduates Association Award, and the “Pride of performance” from the Government of Pakistan. Her work is well know for its attention to social issues and its focus on female empowerment. And also has represented Pakistan in numerous international workshops and seminars.

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