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Namaz eliminates depression, says Sumbal Iqbal


The leading actress of Pakistan showbiz industry Sumbal Iqbal while describing the treatment of depression said that prayer eliminates depression.

Since the death of Indian actor Sushant Singh. He committed suicide due to depression, everyone seems to be talking about mental health. Well, known actress, Sumbal Iqbal has also expressed her views on this issue.

“Islam encourages people to hope. No matter how great the sin, or how much it is Why not go through a lot of pain.

Sumbal Iqbal

The actress wrote, “This is because Allah’s mercy is always on His servants and if we sometimes think that we are alone and there is no one with us to help us, then remember this.” Keep in mind that Allah Almighty is always with us, He never leaves His servants alone.

Sumbal Iqbal

She wrote, “Pray because prayer saves you from problems like depression, inferiority complex and depression and pray to Allah.”

Sanbal Iqbal wrote, “I have seen many people take medicines for peace of mind, consult a doctor, but here I want to tell you that our religion is the cure for this problem, just need to think.” Is.’

“It’s time to take mental health seriously and help those around you,” she wrote.

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