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Sumbul Iqbal Beautiful Latest Pictures.

Sumbul Iqbal is a Pakistani television actress. Sumbul Iqbal Khan is born in Karachi, Sindh.

She is known for her lead roles in “Maray Khawab Razia Razia”, “Kis Din Tera Mera Viah hoga 2”, “Raju Rocket”. “Rukhsaar”,“Aik Pal”“Tumse Mil Kay”“Aik thi Rania”.Sumbul Iqbal is last seen in a role of Isha in Hum TV‘s Jaal.

She is a gorgeous actress. She is in many dramas playing roles. In July 2, 2020 it was prove by Waqar Zaka. She was living in relationship with a married man. Without get marry. She was then criticize by public. They stated him as home wrecker.

Although as when it comes to work. She is talented actress. She is like by many people.

Today Sumbal has posted such beautiful pictures on her Instagram.

Let’s have a look:

She is looking really pretty in such a light peach colour. Her makeup and the colour of the dress is giving such an innocent look. And her air rings is completely looking perfect.

See another pretty look. The light pinky colour gives her a perfect match. Jewllery is completely to the point.

And yes. See this adorable look. She is perfectly looking gorgeous in this adorable colour.

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