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Sunny Deol entry in farmers’ protest


Actor and newcomer politician Sunny Deol have now jumped into the fray with government support. Over controversial farm laws during farmers’ protests, and today 11 policemen, including two commandos, are guarding him.

Sunny Deol

Bharatiya Janata Party MP Sunny Deol tweeted in support of the farm laws. Saying, “I want to urge the whole world that this issue should be settled between the farmers. The government but some people are provoking and taking advantage of the situation.” They have their own agenda.

Sunny Deol

In another tweet, Sunny said he had received Y-category security approval in July and had nothing to do with his comments on farmers’ protests.

Sunny Deol

However, even on the protests of farmers, Bollywood seems divided. Along with some big names in Bollywood, most of the Punjabi artists are supporting the protest, while Kangana Ranaut, the queen of Jhansi in Bollywood, is at the forefront of the opposition.

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