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Tabish and Mustafa Made fun Of Samina Peerzada.


To Be Honest is a brutally honest web show hosted by the comedian Tabish Hashmi. He invites guests in his show asks uncensored questions. And the replies are uncensored too most of the times. As it has the liberty of being a web show.

Internet celebrity talk show host by standup comedian Tabish Hashmi with wide array of guests. The show has been direct and created by Azfer Ali.

Recently Tabish Hashmi invited the top notch comedians of Pakistan Murtaza and Mustafa Chaudhry. The show was full of joyous banters. They made fun of different media celebrities and politicians. At the end they intimate the web show host by Samina Peerzada ” Rewind With Samina Peerzada”.

Mustafa Chaudhry imitated Samina Peerzada. And whereas Tabish Hashmi play the guest. The mimicry was soo to the point that we couldn’t stop our laughers at this hilarious act. Here we have attach the video clip of the act.

Let’s have look to this hilarious video:

Have you watched the video. Did you control your laughs. Off course not as this is the funniest mimicry.

About Samina Peerzada:

Samina Peerzada is a beauty with talent, grace and elegance. She has always won hearts with her lovely mannerism and her style of acting as well as speaking. We know her from her countless projects and unforgettable performances. And now she is one of the most loved hosts of Pakistan with her show Speak Your Heart. Where many of our favourites have opened up their hearts. She is such a decent and beautiful person. And has such a great personality.

Samina Peerzada is the wife of veteran actor Usman Peerzada. And she has two daughters Anum and Amal Peerzada.

Samina is the well known actress and has worked in many popular films. Now she is running her youtube channel. With the name of Rewind with Samina Peerzada. Where she use to take interviews of Pakistani celebrities.

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