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Corona Virus in Pakistan

Zahid Ahmed Suggestions for Quarantine

Legendary actor Zahid Ahmed gave his fans some tips on social media to spend time in Quarantine. Yesterday, Zahid Ahmed, a prominent actor from Pakistan Showbiz Industry, shared a post on Instagram with a photo and video sharing app,

Atif Aslam Appriciate the work of Imran Khan

Leading singer Atif Aslam says the steps taken by Prime Minister Imran Khan during this difficult time are praiseworthy. Yesterday, Pakistan's leading singer Atif Aslam shared a video message on Instagram. Of his photo and video sharing

Hareem Farooq hopes to better soon

Leading actress Hareem Farooq says that keep in mind that. It is the system of Allah that there is light after dark, bad times do not always last. Last night, the famous actress from Pakistan Showbiz industry, Hareem Farooq shared a

Ahsan Khan says that” Never Give up”

Ahsan Khan, a leading actor of Pakistan Showbiz Industry, says: “Allah Almighty pray that the Muslim Ummah of the month of Sha'ban be saved from this deadly disease and its root is eliminated. On his social media account, Ahsan

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