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Taher Shah to debut in Hollywood movie

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Taher Shah’s music video Eye 2 Eye will soon be making his way to Hollywood, according to a report on his official blog.

Last night, Taher Shah requested his followers to stay tuned for some exciting news.

The pop sensation announced the news on his Twitter account this evening.

Avai Media, the media house behind the film, announced on their official website that Taher would be playing the lead role in the project, which will be based on a love story. The media house further announced that the film would be titled Eye to Eye after the song.

According to Avai Media, Eye to Eye is expected to release by the end of this year and will be screened in several film festivals across the world in 2016.

First released in April 2013 on various music channels and video sharing website YouTube, Eye to Eye  gained notoriety for its absurd and nonsensical English lyrics and for its depiction of Taher Shah as he swings from side to side to the song while singing and blinking coyly at the screen, flipping his curly mane. The song went viral despite a ban on YouTube in Pakistan.

The video garnered international attention when it won the American Prestige award in the lyrics category in March.

Taher Shah is very excited about his upcoming project, and in his own unique style, he took to his official blog to let his fans know how hopeful he is.

“Very happily announce my debut love story subject Hollywood movie named Eye to Eye. Recording will begin soon in United States. With this assure like my song the movie will achieve enormous success worldwide.”



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