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Taslim Fazli

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He was a top class lyricists in Urdu movies..

Taslim Fazli started with film Ashiq in 1968 and became one of the best poet in Urdu movies.

  • Khuda Karay Keh Mohabbat Mein Woh Maqam Aye.. (Afshan – 1971)
  • Rafta Rafta Woh Meri Hasti Ka Saman Ho Geye.. (Zeenat – 1975)
  • Sona Na Chandi Na Koi Mahal, Jan-e-Mann..(Bandish – 1980)

were some of his all time best songs.

His real name was Izhar Anwar and he was born in Delhi in 1947. He was married to actressNisho and died on August 17, 1982.

Real name Izhar Anwar
Active career
Date of Birth 1947
Born at Delhi, India
Language Urdu
Profession Writting
Family Nisho (wife/widow)


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