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Team Force 2 to petition for India’s unsung heroes


The team of Force 2 will also launch a petition requesting the government to recognise the uncelebrated martyrs of the country

The team of Bollywood film Force 2 plans to visit the Amar Jawan Jyoti in the national capital soon to pay tribute to the country’s unsung heroes. They will also launch a petition requesting the government to recognise the uncelebrated martyrs of the country.

The film’s team is keen that the names of these unsung heroes should get recognised. They also plan to take this petition to the President.

Actor John Abraham, who leads the cast of the movie, said in a statement: “Even today, there are many unrecognised and forgotten martyrs from various intelligence agencies who need to gain recognition, if not celebrated.”

It’s our humble request to the system to recognise those who have sacrificed their lives while serving the nation. It’s disheartening that these people put their lives at stake, without giving second thoughts to whether their efforts or sacrifice will ever be recognised.

“We understand that revealing names of people who are currently serving, may lead to political or security issues. However, it’s a meek request that the long due pending cases of people get resolved, giving them their needed status and recognition in our society,” John added.

The movie’s director Abhinay Deo expressed concern for family members of the martyrs.

“Why should they endure pain? As a country we must take care of them, and acknowledge the blood they have shed,” Deo said.

Producer Vipul Shah said: “Once these spies are caught and disowned by the government, their family suffers a great deal. Political compulsions may keep us from celebrating such people, but they shouldn’t deter us from respecting their work.”

Shah also mentioned that the surgical attacks by India on terror camps in Pakistan last month were possible only due to the information provided by intelligence.

Force 2 makers even dedicated a slide in the movie’s trailer to salute the unrecognised martyrs.

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