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TFPW 2015 – Day One: Muted palettes, pulsating designs

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 With diverse cultural milieu taking centre stage, day one of the four-day Telenor Fashion Pakistan Week (TFPW) came to a well-rounded end. With some lines leaving us gasping for air, others were major put-offs. Here’s a recap of the yays and nays on the ramp from the evening.

Lala Textiles

‘The Electric Summer’ line was an ode to colour. Mainly utilising cotton and printed chiffon, the collection showcased detailed embroidery and intricate needlework. Bright shades of yellow and orange, teamed with black- and white-checkered prints and tinges of dazzling pink dominated the ramp. The collection failed to charm us because of the disjointed styling structure and the repetitive flowy trend it showcased.

Nida Azwer

‘The French Trellis Collection’ used French architecture as its muse. It featured floral landscapes done up on a rich variety of fabrics, such as organza and silk, on hues ranging from grey to beige to white to tea-pink. Embellished with diamantes and solid pearls, it was a rich collection, with the spotlight on digital printing and laser-cut technique on deluxe fabrics.

Huma Adna of FnkAsia

The collection titled ‘Freedom’ broke free from flamboyant shades and explored the shade of ivory. Primarily using lace, she made the notion of ‘freedom of expression’ the hallmark of her ensembles. The cuts displayed were neatly stylised with cotton and handmade sheer material, which gave way to a ritzy yet elegant look. Textile contrasts done right, the collection was a hit on the ramp.

Sania Maskatiya

Titled ‘Khayat — the tailor’, the collection was a tribute to the unsung heroes of the designer’s label. Delving into Western silhouettes, the designer marvelled with a varied colour palette for the tops and cream-hued chevron marks on the pants. The tailoring seemed complex with elaborate digital printing on an assortment of fabrics. Maskatiya dedicated the collection to tailors, using motifs representing the work they invest into crafting designs and clothes.

Handmade by Madiha Raza

‘Spring Myth’, the collection, exhibited floral patterns on printed fabrics, which permeated a summery appeal. Featuring a series of colours and designs, Raza used the laser-cut technique to enhance the edginess of her works. Encompassing landscapes, cigarette pants and stylish tops, the ensembles were classy and simple, exuding a 20th-century appeal.

Rising Talent Section

Showcasing four collections by fashion school graduates Rimsha Shakir, Shehza Azher and Momal Zia and an anonymous designer, the ramp emitted innovation. Shakir’s 3D-inspired textures twisted in black and white comprised Western silhouettes, primarily using plastic material as a draping element, which didn’t quite make the statement the designer was hoping for. Azher brought forward the pop-disco fashion of the 1980s on the floor, with vivid orange and electric blue tops, tights and mini-frocks. The designer, who chose to remain unnamed, displayed a collection, featuring masks and use of leather in hues, such as black, grey and brown. Lacking originality, the line failed to leave a mark on the runway. Using karrandi and jute, Zia showed beige-coloured ensembles, with hints of green and orange.

Sadaf Malaterre

The untitled capsule compilation of Spring/Summer 2015 comprised boho-chic designs on inclusive Western silhouettes. Embracing lighter shades purple, such as lilac, blended with a hint of pink, she embellished her range with pearls and diamantes. Accessorised with pearl headbands, the use of pure silk lent a luxe appeal to the entire collection.

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