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The American actress launched the “Me Too” campaign called,” The Corona testing system flawed”.


Corona antibodies test came positive after American actress Elsa Milano’s 3 corona test came negative.

American actress Alyssa Milano, who launched the “Me too” campaign around the world. She shared a photo of herself on Instagram with an oxygen mask.

Calling corona testing system flaws. She says the corona virus and antibodies as a whole after three negative tests. Now her coronavirus test became positive.

We don’t know the actual number of Corona patients, so everyone should be careful, Alyssa Milano.

The actress wrote in her post that this is she. After being severely ill for two weeks, April 2. Alyssa Milano said: “I had every sign of corona. Like difficulty in breathing, loss of sense of smell, temperature not going down, severe headache, and burden on the chest. After having all these signs of coronavirus I still got the test negative.”

Alyssa Milano also wrote: “By the end of March 2, the corona virus test came negative. I also took the corona antibody test but it also came negative. But still, I was not feeling well. Finally after leaving with all these symptoms for 4 months. I decided to take the coronavirus antibodies test which came positive. It was the indication that i am infected by the corona virus.”

Alyssa Milano further added that: ” Our testing system is actually very poor. She says that we don’t know the actual number of corona patients. So we should be always careful. We should wash our hands with soap, keep a distance.

Further she said: “I do not want that whatever is happening to me this happened to someone else.” She says that she will donate her plasma after recovery so anyone can take benefit from it

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