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The artist community came out in support of Naseebo Lal


Showbiz artist takes to the field in support of singer Naseebo Lal after criticism over PSL 6 anthem.

Naseebo Lal

The song of the sixth season of Pakistan Super League “Grove Meera” has been facing severe criticism since its release. Even on the day of its release, the song remained in the top trend on Twitter almost all day long.

Naseebo Lal

Hira Mani thanked the PSL management and said that six have been killed before the match. Whoever holds the hand of Allah has no fear of the times. May Allah give you more success. You are the queen of PSL. And now you have sung the songs ahead of PSL. This is the wish and request of your big fan Hira Mani. We are proud of you.

Hira Mani

Faisal Qureshi wrote in an tweet “When will we learn to take things in perspective and react accordingly . Song getting hate ? Lets go with the spirit of sports and celebrate little things . I personally think Naseebo Lal who is very popular with masses will Rock the stadium with her ‘groove’ and high notes.”

Faysal Qureshi

Adnan Siddique also wrote in the tweet:

“Least we can do for our artists is respect them. It’s very easy to be keyboard warriors and shred someone’s hard work to pieces. How ungrateful to forget so conveniently all the melodious songs Naseebo Lal has given us. #groovemera doesn’t deserve to be trolled like this.”

Adnan Siddiqui

Naseebo Lal also says about the Groove Mera song.

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