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The Famous Pakistani singer Mahin Jabin Qazilbash died


Peshawar: Leading Pakistani singer Mahin Jabin Qazilbash died at LRH Peshawar.

According to details. The leading singer died in the month of Jubilee Qazilbash LRH Peshawar. She was treated in the intensive care ward.

The singer was taken to a hospital for a heart attack two months ago. Doctors did not spare any treatment but could not respond.

Jabeen’s body has been transported to Khaki by ambulance by singer month.

It should be noted that Maha Jabin. A renowned singer, has sung numerous Pashto and Urdu songs while many of his lyrics were also disliked in Urdu.

Mehboobin had announced his participation in the PTI, influenced by Imran Khan and was also involved in the PTI sit-in.

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