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The final episode of the fifth season of Money Heist will be released today


The latest episodes of Money Heist the most popular series of the online movie app Netflix are being released today. It will cover the world’s biggest robbery in Spain and fans are eager to see its drop scene.

Money Heist

The last five episodes of the Spanish series La Casa de Papel will be released on Netflix. Fans around the world are worried about the fate of this important film because its story has now reached a turning point.

Money Heist

It has also been called the final season of the Money Heist series. It should be noted that this is the world’s most popular Spanish language film series in modern times. Its last season was seen in 65 million households worldwide.

Money Heist

Interestingly, the global demand for Spanish language movies and programs has increased due to what is being termed as Money Heist. In the film, eight robbers raid government gold reserves in Spain, but are badly trapped there.

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