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The Hit Single, Sware Sung By Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Aupama Raag, Who Has Also Composed And Written it Making Waves

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Devesh Sharma talks to Anupama and Rahat, as well as Kunal Khem and Ex-miss India Vatika Singh, who feature in the video.

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The telephone line is a bit unclear but can’t hide the enthusiasm in Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s voice as he talks about the project. “The hearfelt lyrics by Anupama Raag was one reason why I agreed to sing Saware with the talented lady herself. I hope people enjoy listening to the song as much as I enjoyed working on it,” says well-known singer. Rahat is known for his classical renditions and Saware carries those hues and the singer’s own nuances.

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He laughs at the compliment and says he likes to tap into the inner rythm of a song and followed that in Saware too. “It has a simple melody. It’s a beautiful composition that just flows. Its beauty lies in its simplicity,” adds he,praising Anupama further. Rahat shot for the video in Kucknow and loved the city’s told world charm.

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“I’ve been to Lucknow twice before. It’s known for its during the shooting. I’d have liked to explore it more. It was lovely shooting the video in this this beautiful city,” he signs off.

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