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The last day of the Arts Council Karachi Literature Festival


In the Arts Council Karachi, 21 sessions were held on the last day of the second Sajja Literary Fair.

The final day of the Literature Festival begins with the screening of international director Thomas Wolf Hart.

Subsequently, books were held at the literary festival, including scenes on the Pakistani economy, and the past, present and future of the film were discussed in Pakistan.

Comedy Theaters were also organized in Arts Council Karachi, the leading poets, writers and writers participated in the fair.

Economy session at the Literature Festival was the message that agriculture and industry would have to be activated.

The literary fair also had a session on technology, which conveyed the message that young people are talented, but institutions and policies are not providing this opportunity to flourish.

The festival was a hot talk on domestic politics, as well as the participation of women in politics. The literary festival ended with special talks, humor and dance.

The two-day festival has been that there are difficulties, but Pakistan is a resource-rich country, the nation has to set its own direction and try to achieve it. That too is the way forward and development.

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