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The masala entertainer will always work

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tusshar has been in industry for close to 16 years.

Ask him what according to him are some of the biggest changes he has seen and the actor is quick to highlight that while some of the changes have been for the better, the corporatisation of the industry has not necessarily resulted in an overhaul of film business. He explains, “When corporate entities entered the business, people felt that things will be organised. However, a lot of things went wrong as well. The kinds of films that the corporate studios were green lighting didn’t work with the audience. Perhaps, it was because the films were aping Hollywood or were too niche. The content of the film has to be Indian at heart but the way we market it can be contemporary. The masala entertainers will always work. We need to introspect and figure out what we need to retain from the corporate style of filmmaking and what we should do away with.”


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