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The Most Predictable Endings In Pakistani Dramas


Some Pakistani dramas stay logical and entertaining till the end. Unfortunately some writers do not give drama a good ending. The writers also talked about this situation in interviews as well. Everyone like to watch happy endings. There are also many dramas which has an untwisted ending. Sometimes in the case of happy ending. Writer end up with the story that is unacceptable.

Sometimes the ending is so repetitive that we can easily guess the ending. The reason behind is writer wrote a very strong story at the start. But they fail to write ending in a way that is pleasing. Most writers take the same old route. That’s why it is easy to guess the ending.

Here are some predictable and done-to-death Pakistani drama.

The Female Villian goes Psychotic.

The men in Pakistani drama do not loose their mental health. Even they are equal culprits. In popular drama serial “Mehboob apke Qadmoon Meh”, “Balaa” and “Jhooti”. The had same endings. Most people watch this drama only to see the ending. The ending was, the female villian loose their sense. They become psycho and also they give an awesome haircut as a punishment. Not awesome we can say identical! This ending is use by many other writers as well.

Jhooti Final Episode
Balaa Final Episode

This is a suitable ending which the writers use to show that in the end this character is left with nothing There is no concept of punishing the culprit in our dramas. Most often even if it is done, the execution is not delight enough.

The main lead had similar endings. Basically all those women who are greedy or evil end up going insane! Would “Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida” and “Dilruba” have similar endings?

Men Forgiven and Women Punished

I know that most of the writers do not agree with this theory. We have watched many dramas in which the men treat their wives like trash. In more than 20 episodes. Then in the end other women are blamed and punished for it. Where as in some dramas the wives having worst type of husbands. They forgive them in the end. Because of there one hug or kiss. While in last episodes if women did anything she is punished and blamed.

In drama serial “Mera Bewafa”, “Thora sa Haq” and “Ghar Titli ka Par” the endings are equally strange.

Thora sa haq
Mera Bewafa
Ghar Titli ka Par

It is very shocking that how the drama writers forgive Men and put blame on the women. The wife goes back to her husband. If he never done anything wrong. This has to be the most repetitive endings in Pakistani dramas.

Killing Main Character

Khalil-ul-Rehman Qamar is best known for killing the main character. He is only the writer whose drama ends up in a manner. That is highly unexpected. Where as some endings are very powerful to be forgotten. It can be safely stated, they are getting repetitive.

All these deaths were different but the reason was the same. Whether it was “Sadqay Tumhare”, “Bunty I Love You”, “Pyare Afzal”, “Mere Pass Tum Ho” and “Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai”. In the last episode some significant character are killed or they committed suicide.

n the recent drama “Yeh Dil Mera”. Farhat Ishtiaq give the two villains a similar ending. It seems some the, writers are inspired by these endings! The difference is that Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar kills off the characters people love. Farhat Ishtiaq killed the characters viewers hated.

The Useless Fusions

Sometimes the writer has so much pressure to bring two characters together. The writer end up drama by bringing both characters together in any case. Even if their fusion make no sense. The recent drama “Angan” and “Ishqq Tamasha” were two dramas in which the fusion of the characters are illogical.  In some of the dramas, the leading lady and the hero are meant to be together in the end whether it makes any sense or not! Such happy endings definitely do not please everyone.

What do you think about these endings? Were they logical or not?

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