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The Corona virus also shocked ‘The Rock’

LOS ANGELES: The shooting of “Red Notes” by the well-known Hollywood actor Devin Johnson (The Rock) of the deadly. Corona virus also became difficult.

According to details. The cast of the film in connection with the shooting of the heavy budget film “Red Notes”. It under the banner of the well-known American company Netflix had to move to European countries this week. But producers elsewhere in Italy due to the outbreak of Corona virus Are searching.

The Rock say that the film also features Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds and Wonder Woman actress Gail Gadot. Netflix has not yet announced a new location for the film’s shoot.

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Currently shooting for Red Notes in Atlanta.However, The film’s story is based on sensational crime. In which an Interpol agent tries to catch the world’s most wanted art thief.

According to a report by a foreign news agency. Netflix’s movie “Red Notes” is being produced by a huge budget of Rs 24 billion 68 million. Which is one of the biggest budget films ever made.

It is thought that Tom Cruise’s famous Hollywood “New Mission: Impossible” also shoot under the banner of Paramount Pictures was scheduled to be postponed in the Italian city of Venice.

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