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The Secrets To Mahira Khan reveals future plans


Film and mini-screen actress Mahira Khan went live on Facebook for the first time and dished on her favourite food, fame and her dream co-stars.

Answering questions posted by fans on Facebook, Mahira dished out on a number of secrets including her favourite food and her future plans.

Favourite food

Mahira loves Anda Paratha,

“I love anda paratha, or daal chawal, or biryani” leaving us guessing which one is her most favourite.

How fame affected her

When asked how has fame affected her, she replied “Yes, it has affected me. Now I get affected by small things as well, especially after the advent of social media, she takes her fans and detractors’ comments seriously.

Future goals

Speaking about her future goals, Mahira said that she wants to become a director in future but for time being, acting is her main focus.

But when a fan asked her if she intends to return television, she said that she has her priorities so she cannot switch easily. She has picked the film industry as it is making some really good films now.

“Maybe next year” she said.

How has acting affected her personal life

She said that this kind of job is very demanding, particularly when you get into character, so it affects her as it is very difficult to come out of it. Also, the long 18-20 hours shifts are madness so it affects you as well.

Working with Hamza Ali Abbasi

When asked about working with the Pyare Afzal actor Hamza Ali Abbasi, she replied that he (Hamza) is very busy with Maula Jatt.

“We have been offered something together, let’s see what happens, Hamza has his own mind,” said Mahira.

Dream co-stars

Mahira was asked to pick three actors she would like to share screen with, she named her dream co-star trio as Hollywood’s Ryan Gosling, Pakistan’s Nauman Ejaz, and Bollywood’s Varun,

So Mahira is actually planning to go places.

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