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The sons of singer Salman Ahmad have prepared a new song for August 14.


Internationally renowned singer and SAARC. Goodwill Ambassador to Pakistan Salman Ahmed’s sons. Sher Jan and Imran composed a new song “Pakistan in Heart” on August 14.

The sons of Salman Ahmed, the lead guitarist of Janoon Group, who rose to fame. The popular national anthem Dil Dil Pakistan celebrated Independence Day in a grand manner and rendered invaluable services to the Armed Forces of Pakistan and national heroes for the sake of the country. The song composed to pay tribute to the performance.

Talking to express he tells that Pakistan is our identity and he can sacrifice anything for the sake of his motherland.

He also said that like the song “Dil Dil Pakistan” this song will also be popular.

Salman Ahmad’s son Sher Jan says that he is very passionate about music and he wants to brighten the name of music in the country along with education. He says his father is his ideal. The new song “Pakistan in Heart” will release all over the world on 14th August 2020.

He also said that I wish that songs like this should be composed for the welfare of the country.

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