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The ‘Sounds of Kolachi’ reverberate

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KARACHI: Although the country is brimming with musical talent, Sounds of Kolachi’s distinctive sound sets it apart. The band, renowned for its experimental music, has gradually started to develop a cult following of its own. Speaking to The Express Tribune, Ahsan Bari, who is the co-producer and instrumentalist for the band, revealed how the success of one of their recent releases , Allah Hi Dega, has forced them to consider shooting for a music video, slated to release around Eidul Fitr this year.

“Noticing how popular Allah Hi Dega had become after it went viral on social media websites, such as Facebook, we have decided to shoot a music video for the song in the coming month,” he said. According to Bari, the music video will be different from the videos being released these days. In fact, it will be more of a “short story.”

On what the band has in store for the audience apart from the music video, Bari said that although there are no plans to release an album, audiences should expect a lot of new stuff coming their way. “We don’t want to stick to one type of sound and want to play around with other genres of music. I also want to experiment with electronic music and keen on incorporating it into our ensemble,” he said.

He also hinted that Sounds of Kolachi is looking towards collaborating with renowned musicians on their upcoming singles. Describing the band in detail, the frontman revealed that although the size of the group continues to swell, with around 22 members now, the core formation will continue to remain the same.

“We used to be around 14 band members, but now the size of the group has increased. Just the choir for the group comprises around eight people but, despite this, the core formation stays as it is,” he said. The seven main members of the group include him, Sameer Ahmed Bakhtiari (bass guitar), Gul Muhammad (sarangi), Waqas Hussain (sitar) and Quaid Ahmed, Natasha Beyg and M Ghazanfar (vocals).

But for now, Bari is ensuring that their audiences walk away from their concerts with a great experience and is considering the possibility of transforming live performances into an audio-visual experience. “I want our concerts to have audio-visual experiences similar to the performances by Roger Waters and Pink Floyd, as they would include visuals to engage the crowd.”

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