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The warrior could not control the emotions while watching the fighters dance, the video went viral


At the wedding ceremony, the bride dances with some of her friends and close relatives to please the bride.

Romance songs are usually chosen for dance, but some young people also perform break dances on fast songs.

At a New Zealand wedding, guests performed a unique dance for the bride and groom.

According to the report, the wedding ceremony of the bridegroom Aaliyah and the bride Benjamin was going on during that time a group of young people stood up and gave the bride the groom.

This group of young people danced to ‘hockey’. The bride-infused bride couldn’t control her emotions when she saw the dance and Zaro started to cry. After the dance was over, the young men met the bride-to-be like a warrior and greeted her at the wedding.

What is Hockey Dance?

Hockey dance was actually performed in tribal wars, before the war started, the fighters would come out on the field to challenge the rivals and show their superiority by dancing in that manner.

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