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There is no rap in Bollywood, everything happens with mutual consent, Rakhi Sawant

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Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant has said that nobody in Bollywood is raped, but here everyone makes consent and voluntary sex.

Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant, supporting the statement of Coveterographer Suraj Khan regarding Casting Cow, said that ‘Nobody in the Showbiz industry does not target sexually abuse, but also establishes mutual relations with mutual consent’.

Rakhi Sawant said she supports the statement of Suraj Khan, according to Rakhi Sawant, nowadays girls are ready to compromise for making career and are happy to do anything to achieve work.

The actress said that when she was new to the film industry, she was also tried to harass sexually, but she did not come to anybody’s hand and she herself  on the basis of her acting act.

Along with this, he advised new girls to act as well to learn to be patient and present themselves with talent.

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