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This is the most difficult period of my life” – Syed Noor

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Syed Noor has many accomplishments to his credit but we don’t see him giving interviews and he is not seen in limelight very often now. Maria Wasti invited this iconic director, producer and screen play writer to her Morning Show in which we got to know much more about Syed Noor as a person, how he started his career and where he sees himself today. Syed Noor said that he has always taken criticism in his stride, it is something that has always helped him improve. While talking about the most difficult period in his life he said,

“Right now is the most difficult period of my life because there are a lot of new things which have been introduced in the industry. In this day and age it is not easy to get your self established in the new set up and to get yourself recognized.”

Sayad Noor
Sayad Noor

Syed Noor didn’t sound very happy with the role of the government or the private sector in promoting or appreciating the film industry. He said,

“The film industry has only come this far because of the passion of the people attached to it otherwise there were never any institutions where anyone got training and guidance from and no one was ever keen to give grants for the industry too.

Mola Jutt
Mola Jutt

Talking about the difference between the actors nowadays and that of the 80s he said,

“In the 80s and 90s actors craved for good roles and wanted to give their best but now the stars only want money. They do not care what kind of work they are doing as long as they are getting their required payment for it. They tell you the amount of time they will give to a project depends on the amount of money they get. How can you determine how much time it will take for you to give your best shot?”

Syed Noor intends to make a comeback in the film industry and like always he wants to do something different. He has always believed in setting higher standards and doing something unique. Syed Noor announced earlier that he will be releasing three movies in 2015. Shaan Shahid will most probably be seen as a action hero in one of these films.

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