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Three Armed Forces song on the Independence Day.


Karachi: Special songs are released by three Armed Forces. On the occasion of the 74th Independence Day for the beloved homeland.

The Pakistan Army Public Relations (ISPR) has released songs on various occasions. This time the Pakistan Army released a special song. On the occasion of the 74th Independence Day of the beloved homeland.

“Yun Pakistan Bana Tha”

A spokesman for the Pakistan Army released a song titled. “Yun bana tha Pakistan” by Sahir Ali Baga. A singer and musician who previously release a popular national anthem for ISPR “Pakistan Zindabad”.

The national anthem released on the occasion of Pakistan’s 74th Independence Day. It shows the sacrifices and struggle of the Muslims of the subcontinent.

“Mera Junoon”

On the occasion of the 74th Independence Day. A song is release by the Pakistan Air Force titled ‘Mera Junoon’ with Imran Zek. As the singer and Aurangzeb Khalidi as the music director. The song beautifully pays homage to the determination of the Pakistani nation. And highlights the patriotic spirit and corona virus relief activities.

“Parcham Pakistan Ka”

On the occasion of the 74th Independence Day, the Pakistan Navy also released a national anthem. The song titled “Parcham Pakistan Ka”. Highlighted the nation’s commitment to the dignity and sanctity of the flag.

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