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Teaser release of action, suspense and romance film “Tich Button”


KARACHI: A teaser release of the tich Button of the joint offer of ARY Films, Salman Iqbal Films and Shooting Star Studios has been released, which will be released in cinemas at Eid-ul-Fitr.

 ARY Films’ breakthroughs are underway, with a teaser release of ARY Films, Shooting Star Studios and Salman Iqbal Films joint offering film Touch Button.

A touch, action, suspense and romance film “Tich Button” will be screened at cinema houses under the banner of ARY Films.

It should be noted that ARY Films is a part of the ARY Digital Network. The films made so far have received immense popularity in Pakistan.

ARY Films has made many successful films till date, including 3 Brave, Rong No, Youth Will Never Come, Punjab Won’t Go.

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