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Tik Tok Star Jannat Mirza and Umer Butt is engaged Now


Pakistan’s number one TikTok star and actress Jannat Mirza also became the third actress to be engaged this month.

Jannat Mirza

Jannat Mirza, while giving a short reply to a fan on social media site Instagram. She said that he has engaged with TikToker Umar Butt.

Jannat Mirza

A user asked Jannat if his word was confirmed or if he was engaged.

In response to the user, TikTok Star gave a very short reply and wrote ‘BP’. Which it is being deduced that his and Umar Butt’s words have been confirmed.

Jannat Mirza

It should be noted that the two TikTok stars appear in each other’s videos and the news regarding their engagement and marriage has been in the news many times before.

Umar Butt

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