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Toba Anwar took divorce from Amir Liaqat


Pakistani actress and model Toba Anwar has confirmed that her relationship with Aamir Liaquat has ended. She saying that she has taken divorced.

Toba Anwar

Toba Anwar, who was Aamir Liaquat’s second wife. She surprised everyone by tweeting about her relationship today. As she confirmed her separation from Aamir Liaquat.


“My close relatives and friends are well aware that I divorced my husband 14 months ago. After which there was no reconciliation,” she wrote.

Tuba Anwar

Toba Anwar wrote that when she could not find a way, she was forced to separate (khula). At the same time, he appealed, “I am in trouble, so my privacy should be taken care of.”

Tuba Anwar

It should be noted that Aamir Liaquat and Toba. A member of PTI National Assembly and host of TV programs. They were married in 2018, after which Amir Liaquat’s first wife separated from him.

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