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Top Indian comedians copy Pakistani Comedians; Umar Sharif

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KARACHI – Famous actor and comedian, Umar Sharif, said that top Indian Comedians follow the footsteps of Pakistani actors and comedians on Friday.

He registered much concerns over the down fall of Karachi theatre, and said that once stage dramas were very popular in Pakistan producing famous names.

Talking about his hospital he said that “MAA Hospital” will provide services to the residents of Orangi Town and adjacent areas.

He said that he is much concerned with the downfall of stage dramas, and trying to revive the same culture again.

He showed much anger for Indian Comedians saying that top comedians of India fell no hesitation copying Pakistani actors and comedians.

He was much happy about the revival of Pakistan Cinema and success of new Pakistani movies saying that there is a lot of talent in Pakistan and we can compete with both Bollywood and Hollywood.



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