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TV has nothing but negative roles to offer: Areeba Habib


KARACHI: The recent years have seen a number of models sashaying off the ramp and making their way to the world of filmdom. The reasons are as obvious as one can imagine; the cinema industry shows massive potential for growth whereas the world of modelling is rather small and restricted when it comes to making progress. It is also needless to mention that the film industry offers more incentive in terms of exposure and financial benefits.

Following the footsteps of the likes of Zhalay Sarhadi, Mehwish Hayat and Sabeeka Imam, model Areeba Habib will also soon be seen gracing the silver screen with her presence.

The model recently revealed that she is currently in the process of reading not one, but two film scripts. She was quick to add that she already has her plate full with at least 10 different shoots for lawn and Eid collections and keeping her schedule tight for all of Ramazan.


Some people choose a different path to make a smoother transition; from the ramp to the television screen and finally, films. What made Habib skip the intermediate stage? “I have been offered to work in television previously but a majority of those roles were negative,” said Habib, adding that she was not comfortable portraying the typical, cunning woman on the screen — a role mostly reserved for models, according to her. “Like the rest of the modelling batch, I have never been accepted by professionals associated with television projects for a possible positive role to enact,” she lamented. She said that this was one of the main reasons why she was giving preference to films over TV serials.

With no hope for the television industry owing to its biased approach, Habib confirmed being roped in for a couple of film projects. “I never gave my acting skills much thought but recently, having been offered two scripts, I am thinking of jumping on to the bandwagon of films in Pakistan.”

With an air of relief, Habib revealed that she was going to be essaying a pleasant, positive role, much to her delight. “Nothing negative on silver screen for me! The roles are positive, which I really like, and this is where I can be seen as a bubbly, young girl … a rock star,” she exclaimed.

osing one. “I am seriously considering the offers that have come my way and during the holy month of Ramazan, I will be busy reading the two scripts I have in hand,” she said, adding that her fans will soon know of her decisions.

Apart from her fashion shoots and potential film projects, the model is planning to take some time out for relaxation and shared that she might be touring Turkey or the US once her work wraps up.

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