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Two Indian actors drown during the shooting of film.


Two Indian actors of the Canadian film industry drown during the shooting of a film due to lack of precautionary measures.

During shooting:

The tragic incident took place during the shooting of the Indian Kanda film industry’s film ‘Masti Gaddy’ when two actors drown. While filming the climax of the film.

Uday Raghava, 28, and Anil, 31, were shooting the climax of the Kannada movie Maastigudi when the stunt went away.

The two actors jumped off the helicopter into Tippagondanahalli lake in Karnataka from a height of more than 60 feet.

In the last scene of the film, the hero had to jump into the river from a helicopter with two villains. However, no security arrangements were made. And the scene was film. During the scene, the three jump into the river. Actors Raghu Adhe and Anil Darya were spot playing villains in the movie. While Hero Dunya Vijay survive due to his life jacket.

After the accident, the police and other actors launch a rescue operation to find both the actors. However, after a long time, only the body of one actor was found. While the search for the other actor is still on.

On the other hand, the police have taken the director and the filmmaker into custody while the stand director is still at large. The police have registered a case against the three accused and started investigation.

Saying of Police:

Dr Chandra Gupt, Ramanagara Superintendent of Police, said: “The rescue operations are still going on. We will be booking a case of negligence against those responsible and also inquire into all aspects of the case.

“We need to check whether all adequate measures and permissions were taken or not.”

The Bengaluru Water Supply and Sewage Board has clarifiy that they allow the movie crew to shoot near the lake. But given no permission to fly a helicopter or chopper or even jump into the reservoir.

Such dangerous acting like this should be discouraged especially when there is no safety measurements. The shooting of such dangerous scenes should done carefully. Otherwise these scenes should made animated.

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