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Umair, Uzair Jaswal speak out on problems faced by artists in Pakistan


Singers and brothers Umair and Uzair Jaswal, during an interview to BBC Urdu, spoke about their inspirations and some of the problems faced by artists in Pakistan.

Umair, who shot to fame after his Coke Studio performance, said that he was inspired by the 80s music which he considered rebellious , a little quiet and aggressive with meaningful content.

On the other hand, Uzair Jaswal opined that he never left music ever since he established a rock music band in Islamabad.  “When I started solo, this (rock) is the music that naturally came out,” he said.

When asked if artists needs to be multi-skilled to make ends meet in the industry, Umair said he knows many artists who have ordinary day jobs,  but it is very distracting to do a creative job and another one which you do not like.

He said that the industry has no set standards and no royalty collection, and apart from that the entertainment tax was so high that it is very difficult to make an earning from concerts.

Uzair thinks that apart from talent, an artists needs a bit of luck and sponsorship as well.

Uzair who made his Bollywood debut with the song ‘Tere Bin’ said that even though many people might disagree with him, Bollywood is seen as the next step for artists.

He, however, claimed that he does not see it this way and any sort of international collaboration is good enough for him.

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