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Umar Sharif buried in Karachi


Comedy King and Legendary Actor Umar Sharif was buried in the premises of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi’s Shrine.

Umar Sharif’s funeral prayer was offered by Allama Bashir Farooq Qadri of Sailani Welfare. Funeral prayers were attended by the family members and loved ones of the deceased. Including fans. Political and social leaders and personalities from the showbiz industry.

Umar Sharif’s body reached Karachi at 5.35 am today. Umar Sharif’s family reached the airport to receive the body. The body of late Umar Sharif was brought from Turkish Airlines flight TK708. After reaching Karachi. Omar Sharif’s family reached the airport. To receive the body. After completion of CAA and ground handling process. The body was handed over to his family.

Umar Sharif’s wife Zareen Ghazal and Counsel General Amjad Ali from Germany arrived in Karachi with body. CAA customs and airline officials were also present at the cargo terminal.

Provincial Minister Saeed Ghani also reached the cargo terminal and offered condolences to Umar Sharif’s family. Saeed Ghani said that Omar Sharif made the country famous all over the world. Fans attend the funeral prayers to pay homage to Omar Sharif.

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