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Umer Shareef’s Air Ambulance delayed due to her bad health


Air ambulance arrives at Karachi airport for comedian Omar Sharif, but departure to US has been delayed.

The departure of Pakistani legend actor Umar Shareef to the United States for treatment has been postponed. According to sources. World-renowned Pakistani comedian, playwright and film star Umar Shareef, who is undergoing treatment at a private hospital in the city. He has been shifted to ICU after his condition deteriorated once again.

Umar Shreef

Hospital sources said that Umar Shareef’s blood pressure had dropped during dialysis at the hospital. When his condition deteriorated. He was shifted to CCU ward, where he will be kept under observation for the next 48 hours. When he recovers, a decision will be made about his departure abroad.

Umer Shreef

On the other hand, the air ambulance has landed at Karachi Airport. The air ambulance left the Philippines for Pakistan. The CAA’s Department of Air Transport had given special permission for air ambulance cooling.

Umer Shreef

According to sources, Dr Tariq Shehab, a US-based cardiologist and husband of Pakistani actress Reema Khan, has made all arrangements for Omar Sharif’s treatment in Washington and is in constant touch with Pakistani doctors.

Umar Shareef was to be airlifted to George Washington Hospital. Where their heart valves will be treated with a brand new technique called ‘mitral valve clipping’. Thanks to this technology, the valve is treated without open heart surgery.

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