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Underage singer reported mother’s death on stage, captivating scenes, video viral


Jakarta: The girl who reported the mother arriving in the next round of the talent show when she found out that her mother had passed away a few moments ago, wept in live broadcasts.

According to a foreign news agency report, the heartbreaking incident occurred in Indonesia when a 14-year-old girl attending a talent show called her ailing mother to announce the arrival of the next round.

An Indonesian drug dealer named Jinnah decided to attend a talent show called Liga Dangdat with the intention of raising funds for treating her mother’s diabetes, in which a successful candidate was rewarded with a lump sum of 28,000 pounds.

Jinnah’s performance angered the judges, which led them to the next stage of the contest, after which they decided to share the good news with their mother and call their mother.

However, Dosizah’s happiness turned into sadness when her uncle picked up the phone and told Jinnah the heartbreaking news that your mother had passed away.

The phone was on a speaker whose voice could be heard directly by the broadcasters, uncle said, “Jinnah wanted your mother to be strong because now you have to take care of the whole family”.

He told his nephew, “We loved him as a family man, but because God loved your mother the most, he asked for it. Your mother is dead. “

Hearing the news of her mother’s death, tears began to pour over Dusija’s cheeks, she could not control the intense emotions, and during the live broadcast, she began to cry and cry while the judges of the show gathered around Jinnah.

Foreign media say that the video clip of the painful phone call was shared by Indonesian singer Azim Kamrozzalzman on his Twitter, which has been viewed two and a half million times so far.

 Singer Azim Kamrozul Zaman wrote on his Twitter account that only the 14-year-old girl arrived for the first time in the next phase of Dangdut Indonesia 2020 and called to tell her mother the good news, but the uncle heard the most painful news.

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