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Urvashi Rautela Stuns in Rs 15 Crore Versace Dress


Actor-model Urvashi Rautela isn’t hazard opposed with regards to exploring different avenues regarding her design decisions. The dazzling actress is generally revered for her courageous and tense style decisions. Her design decisions have in every case left style sweethearts in amazement.

The actor recently posted a clip on Instagram flaunting her exquisite blue dress. That sat right on her curves and looked absolutely striking. 

Urvashi Ratuela

Urvashi Rautela has made her International debut with the music video ‘Versace Baby’ opposite Arab music sensation Mohamed Ramadan. The song is also said to be one of the highest budget songs of this year. Urvashi can also be seen posing in a black Versace dress. Her love for Versace is reflecting in the new music video.

Urvashi Ratuela

Her Versace dress also included a plunging neck area. Thigh-high cut with self clasping pin subtleties conveying the mark Versace Medusa logo on it. Urvashi’s look from the melody is all the rage news. Now and is styled by as a matter of fact global architect Donatella Versace and it costs Rs 15 Crore. Indeed, believe it or not. As per sources, Urvashi’s search for the 6-minute task required over one year since each scene has been conceptualized with painstakingly picked outfits.

Urvashi Ratuela

The song portrays Urvashi as the greek goddess Mosaic of Medusa face of the empire,who is one of the most well-recognized monsters from Greek mythology.

Here is the song:

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