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Ushna Shah apologises for criticising doctors


Ushna Shah on Friday apologised to Pakistani doctors for her tweet in which she had criticised them for taking breaks while treating coronavirus patients.

The actress had objected to videos that appeared on social media showing doctors dancing in hospital rooms.

Ushna on Friday took to Instagram to tender an apology for her remarks. She wrote a lengthy to explain her position.


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Mia Culpa!

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Here is what she said:

“Hi everyone! I wanted to quickly post this to clarify and apologize for a tweet that has caused some offense. I recently tweeted that I was conflicted about choreographed dances in hospitals that have been making the rounds, I tweeted that although I believe healthcare workers deserve a break I was unsure about the time consuming practice; these particular dances seemed complicated, from what I’ve seen in the media hospitals are understaffed & staff is in dire need of sleep.

I wanted to hear everyone’s take before I formed an opinion because I was slightly confused . However that momentary confusion was tone deaf and unwarranted. I don’t work in a hospital, I don’t know what the frontliners are going through. Frankly I don’t even get to have an opinion on this. Although I have made it a point to thank them in my social media and other media outlets in the recent past: let me say it here again: THANK YOU. And that I vehemently apologize for any offense caused what so ever. I am in absolutely no position to question anything doctors and nurses do to take the edge off.

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