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Usman Mukhtar Was On Board For “Zebaish”.


“Usman Mukhtar Was On Board For Zebaish” – Says Zara Noor Abbas.

Zara is a beautiful addition to the Entertainment industry whose achievement as an actress is indeed worth admiring. She gave a start to her career in 2016 when everyone knew her as Bushra Ansari’s niece or Asma Abbas’s daughter. But today everyone knows her as an accomplished actress of Television. Who has won the hearts of people in a very short time with her beauty, her nature and her talent. In spite of being born in an artistic and polish family. She had to face many difficulties to set herself in the industry.

Zara Noor Abbas is currently playing Noshaba in Zebaish, for which she is currently facing severe criticism.

In the recent interview with Something Haute, Zara Noor Abbas accepted that Zebaish was a mistake and she couldn’t absorb the character properly.

The main leads of the drama includes, Bushra Ansari, Asma Abbas, Zara Noor Abbas, Asad Siddiqui and Iqbal Hussain all of them are close relative. For which this drama is accuse for the clear case of nepotism.

Answering the most asked question about nepotism Zara said:

“How could you claim nepotism in Zebaish? Asad is not introduce in Zebaish”. said Zara.

“They were talking to Usman Mukhtar for the character which was play by Asad. And Asad was not on board. Asad came to me as a surprise. Because I knew that Usman Mukhtar is doing it” Zara explained further.

For my mother’s character someone else was casting. On last minutes, her dates didn’t’ match so amma accepted it. Usman Mukhtar was on board for Nadeem’s character. But something happen and Usman said that he will not able to do it”.

Zara then closed the argument saying. The casting of the drama is done by the HUM TV management.

Check out interview:

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