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Varun Dhawan assures Pakistan not shown negatively in ‘Dishoom’


Varun Dhawan assures Pakistan not shown negatively in ‘Dishoom’

Directed by Rohit Dhawan, the recent trailer of ‘Dishoom’ represents the story of a rescue mission on a top Indian cricketer who has been kidnapped. With some emphasis on how the kidnapping happens before a India vs Pakistan match, there is scepticism that the film could be bashing Pakistan. However, Varun Dhawan put these rumours to rest.

Talking to the media about the film, Deccan Chronicle reported the actor expressing, “There is no negative reference of Pakistan or any community in the film. In fact what we are trying to show is the fact that for certain people money is the religion. It is not being an Indian or being a Pakistani or Christian for that matter.”

“Money is sometimes the biggest motive behind things and commoners get fooled into thinking that this is the reason. In the capitalistic world that we live in, money is the biggest driving force for most crimes,” he went on to add.

The cricketer in question has also been reported to be loosely based around real Indian cricketer Virat Kohli. Talking about this was director Dhawan who explained, “The cricketer in the film is India’s top batsman like Virat Kohli. He is athletic looking and attractive just like Virat Kohli. His wins and losses are just like Virat Kohli’s. But his name is Viraj Sharma and not Virat Kohli.”

He further expressed, “It is a completely fictional script because it was written several years ago. He is country’s top cricketer right now so you can let your imagination fly and think whoever you want him to be.”

Also starring John Abraham, Jacqueline Fernandez, Nargis Fakhri and Saqib Saleem, ‘Dishoom’ is set for release on 29th July.


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